Saturday, November 22, 2014

I need to see if I am still a member

Before I resign from IGDA:
In a sign of how frenzied, panicky and intolerant the games industry establishment has become over the legitimate concerns of ordinary gamers, the International Game Developers' Association branded some 10,425 Twitter accounts, including those of journalists, as harassment "offenders" in a humiliatingly ill-conceived attempt to provide a "blocking tool" to its members.

The blocking tool, which has been widely mocked online for its lack of sophistication and "blanket ban" approach, was assembled by Randi Harper, a persistent online agitator. The tool prevents users from seeing not only the tweets of users Harper has decided are implicated in harassment, but also many accounts who simply follow those users, by blocking a list of thousands of users with the use of an automated "bot."

So indiscriminately has the block list been compiled that the IGDA's own staff appear on it. Roberto Rosario, chair of the IGDA in Puerto Rico, is named on the list. In an acutely embarrassing moment for the Association, Rosario, who is not a GamerGate supporter, publicly threatened to resign unless his name was removed or the bot was disavowed.
It turns out that I, too, am on the block list. I was asked to join IGDA by its then-president at a big European games conference some years ago, which I subsequently did. I'm pretty sure that he's not the president now, because he didn't strike me as a complete idiot. I know I'm a member of  a European GDA, but it's a different organization than IGDA, so I don't know what my current membership status is with them. Expired, I assume, but I'll have to check on Monday.

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SF/F before the coup

Daniel wrote an interesting post about the pre-pinkshirt state of science fiction at Castalia:
By 1995 or so, it had become fairly evident that the science fiction market had begun to experience a significant shift, one that I have been struggling to put my finger on for quite some time now.

The genre, of course, has always been one for whom change at a certain level should be something of a constant. The Romance genre (not the chivalric or ancient. I mean the “girl picks one of two boys” sort.) has remained the same since 1921’s The Black Moth, but Science Fiction (not the current “girl picks one of two boys” sort, but the traditional “having something to do with phenomena”) necessarily must adapt to any new knowledge....

In October of 1991, SF editor and reviewer, and senior editor at Omni, Robert J. Kilheffer did the world a favor by attempting a fairly comprehensive “State of the Genre” report in Publisher’s Weekly, titled Science Fiction: Expanding, Experimenting.
It's interesting to see some of the comments from familiar names that we now know to have been responsible, in part, for the ongoing decline into necrobestiality and wereseal romance. I didn't consciously notice the change until the award of the 2002 Nebula to Catharine Asaro's ridiculous The Quantum Rose made me notice it, but looking back at the old Nebula winners, there is a definite point in 1988, when a nobody with a nothing novel that no one remembers beat Greg Bear, Gene Wolfe, David Brin, Avram Davidson, and George Alec Effinger, followed by Lois McMaster Bujold beating Gibson, Card, and Wolfe in 1989 (a less ludicrous result, but unjustifiable nevertheless), shows that the rot had set in.

Just for amusement's sake, here is the description of the 1988 Nebula Award winner for Best Novel.

Elizabeth Butler is an archaeologist, and the author of several popular books that challenge her colleagues' ideas about Mayan civilization. Elizabeth has a strange gift, connected to a suicide attempt as a young woman, which allows her to see the spirits of ancient people while she walks at dusk and dawn. The story opens with Elizabeth in the middle of an eight-week field study at Dzibilchaltún. Her team hopes to find dramatic artifacts that will spark interest and increased funding for future field studies at the site.

In the middle of the field study, Elizabeth's estranged adult daughter Diane arrives unannounced. After the death of her father, Elizabeth's ex-husband, Diane suddenly abandoned her life in the United States, and flew to Mexico to see her mother. It's revealed that Diane has seen Elizabeth for only a few brief visits since Elizabeth left her as a young child to be raised by her father. Neither is sure what Diane wants from Elizabeth.

As the two struggle to connect, Elizabeth has a new experience: one of her spirit visions, a Mayan priestess named Zuhuy-kak, can see and speak with Elizabeth. Zuhuy-kak provides unprecedented knowledge about the Mayans' departure from Dzibilchaltún, and leads Elizabeth to the major archaeological find her team needs, but demands a sacrifice to the goddess Ix Chebel Yax. As the dig progresses, haunted by bad luck and tragedy, Zuhuy-kak makes it clear that Elizabeth must sacrifice her daughter.

Of course, were this novel written today, Elizabeth would sacrifice her daughter without thinking twice about it and the plot would instead revolve around which of her two lesbian lovers Elizabeth would choose to marry in a civil ceremony in Mexico City, Zuhuy-kak or Ix Chebel Yax. It is perhaps worth observing that this "fantasy masterwork", published in 1986,  presently has 28 reviews averaging 4.0, is out of print, and is ranked 1,640,443 on Amazon.

Interestingly enough, one reviewer observed back in 2005: "This Novel is NOT Science Fiction and is a mundane novel as well. This novel should NOT have won the award for what was called the best science fiction novel. 1987, the year of this novel, is thus the start of the Feminist takeover of the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA), now called the Science fiction and FANTASY Writers of America."


Kissinger on the EU and Islam

I've been reading Henry Kissinger's new book, World Order, and it is a very informative book about grand strategic world history as seen through the eyes of one of the global elite's better-known servitors. It's interesting how regardless of whether one looks at the world through the 4GW lens or through the NWO lens, the same diagnosis appears: the modern Westphalian state is endangered:
German unification altered the equilibrium of Europe because no constitutional arrangement could change the reality that Germany alone was again the strongest European state. The single currency produced a degree of unity that had not been seen in Europe since the Holy Roman Empire. Would the EU achieve the global role its charter proclaimed, or would it, like Charles V’s empire, prove incapable of holding itself together?

The new structure represented in some sense a renunciation of Westphalia. Yet the EU can also be interpreted as Europe’s return to the Westphalian international state system that it created, spread across the globe, defended, and exemplified through much of the modern age—this time as a regional, not a national, power, as a new unit in a now global version of the Westphalian system. The outcome has combined aspects of both the national and the regional approaches without, as yet, securing the full benefits of either.
He also, in passing, explains something that I mentioned yesterday, which is how the West planted the seeds for the third great wave of Islamic expansion that we now know as ISIS and the global jihad.
In the spring of 1947, Hassan al-Banna, an Egyptian watchmaker, schoolteacher, and widely read self-taught religious activist, addressed a critique of Egyptian institutions to Egypt’s King Farouk titled “Toward the Light.” It offered an Islamic alternative to the secular national state. In studiedly polite yet sweeping language, al-Banna outlined the principles and aspirations of the Egyptian Society of Muslim Brothers (known colloquially as the Muslim Brotherhood), the organization he had founded in 1928 to combat what he saw as the degrading effects of foreign influence and secular ways of life....

The West, al-Banna asserted, “which was brilliant by virtue of its scientific perfection for a long time … is now bankrupt and in decline. Its foundations are crumbling, and its institutions and guiding principles are falling apart.” The Western powers had lost control of their own world order: “Their congresses are failures, their treaties are broken, and their covenants torn to pieces.” The League of Nations, intended to keep the peace, was “a phantasm.” Though he did not use the terms, al-Banna was arguing that the Westphalian world order had lost both its legitimacy and its power. And he was explicitly announcing that the opportunity to create a new world order based on Islam had arrived. “The Islamic way has been tried before,” he argued, and “history has testified as to its soundness.” If a society were to dedicate itself to a “complete and all-encompassing” course of restoring the original principles of Islam and building the social order the Quran prescribes, the “Islamic nation in its entirety”—that is, all Muslims globally—“will support us”; “Arab unity” and eventually “Islamic unity” would result.

How would a restored Islamic world order relate to the modern international system, built around states? A true Muslim’s loyalty, al-Banna argued, was to multiple, overlapping spheres, at the apex of which stood a unified Islamic system whose purview would eventually embrace the entire world. His homeland was first a “particular country”; “then it extends to the other Islamic countries, for all of them are a fatherland and an abode for the Muslim”; then it proceeds to an “Islamic Empire” on the model of that erected by the pious ancestors, for “the Muslim will be asked before God” what he had done “to restore it.” The final circle was global: “Then the fatherland of the Muslim expands to encompass the entire world. 
Through its attempts to impose a Westphalian order on the dar al-Islam and its development of the concept of world revolution, the secular West inadvertently created a rival it cannot possibly defeat on its own. The secular West's advantages - science and technology - are readily utilized by the jihad, while its weaknesses of demoralization, apathy, multiculturalism, and demographic decline are both readily exploited and easily avoided.

To paraphrase the immortal words of LTC Tom Kratman, if you're going to wage a religious war, you damn well better bring a religion. And as one reader noted: "In 100 years, either Norway will be an Islamic republic or there will be statues of Anders Breivik in every Norwegian town."

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Friday, November 21, 2014


I tend to doubt things are going to get too out of control given the heavy police and federal presence, but this is a post for folks to post news and thoughts over night assuming it is announced that Officer Wilson will not be charged for the lethal shooting of Michael Brown.

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4GW in Middle America

This looks rather like a prelude of one of the signs I predicted would be among the harbingers of the civil war that will bring about the end of the USA:
Police families in Ferguson fear for their safety and many have gone into hiding or left town after receiving assault and death threats.

Spouses and children of cops in Ferguson, Missouri, have received assault and death threats after the shooting of Michael Brown. Tensions continue to rise in Ferguson as a grand jury nears its decision on whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Brown's shooting

'It's very frightening,' said the police wife, who asked to not be identified. 'Most people who have a family member who's a police officer are very proud of what they do.This is real and people actually do know how to find us and they do want to harm us.'
I doubt it is anything more than threats at this point, though. If people were planning to act, they wouldn't be warning police families ahead of time. We will know that 4GW has come to America in earnest when police and federal agents are leaving their jobs for fear of harm coming to their families.

Which, you may recall, is one reason I theorized that the notorious FEMA camps are not actually intended for enemies of the state, but rather, for the families of its servants.

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The moral imperative of international law

I wonder if the Supreme Court will cite this new Gambian law when it finally gets around to considering the legality of the gay parody of marriage:
The president of Gambia has signed a bill into law that calls for life imprisonment for some homosexual acts, the latest African country to codify harsh penalties for the gay community.... Lawmakers approved the legislation in August, prompting an outcry from organizations including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. The law contains language identical to an anti-gay bill signed into law in Uganda earlier this year but later overturned by a court on procedural grounds.

It criminalizes "aggravated homosexuality," which targets "serial offenders" and people living with HIV or AIDS. Suspects can also be charged with aggravated homosexuality for engaging in homosexual acts with someone who is under 18, disabled or who has been drugged. The term also applies when the suspect is the parent or guardian of the other person or is "in authority over" him or her.

People found guilty of aggravated homosexuality can be sentenced to life in prison.
All these new laws sweeping the international scene are obviously a sign of inevitable progress. It is pointless to resist it, after all, are we not reliably informed that Africans are magic and our moral superiors? It would be racist to refrain from the fierce moral imperative of following their example.


The Saxon stirs

You know what they say: Vote UKIP, get UKIP. This by-election result is huge, because it is presenting the English with a genuine and popular alternative to the single pro-European party and its three factions, Tory, Labour, and Liberal Democrat.

As last night's executive action showed, what Americans need is a genuine American Independence Party.



Several people asked me to address what superficially looks like yet another SJW isolation attempt, as Vunderguy asked John C. Wright for his "take" on me:
I’ll just up and say it then. He seems to me to be something of a white supremacist, even though he’s about as white as I am, or at least, draw those kinds of people towards him.

Now, I like Vox in a lot of ways. He’s even more non-PC than Matt Stone, Trey Parker’s, Larry Correra’s, and Andrew Klavan’s gay managa-whatever-the-frenchy-word-for-four-is’ love child and the ways he can get under the enemy’s skin is admirable… but he seems to have trouble separating the culture a people group has from the people group themselves and seems to equate the genetics of that people group too closely with the behaviors of that people group… even though, as an admitted minority, he’s one pretty smart cookie. I mean, you’d have to be to be able to be such an isolationist that you give up on America and move to Italy with a family to support… even though that’s even closer to where the first bangs of destruction will begin, but whatever.

To top it all off, like I said, a lot of the people that tend to comment on his site are nowhere near as awesome as the people that comment on yours, and by that I mean that a lot of the commenters on his site seem to be what Alfonzo Rachel would call, ‘Noe-Confederate Libertarians’ and/or the kind of people who believe we had no good reasons to intervene in Vietnam, Iraq, and probably WW II (I.E., the kind of absolutist pacifists that find no use for Just War Theory).

Furthermore, Vox supported Ted Cruz’s plan to get a bill passed that would enable congress to strip the citizenship of people who went to go join ISIS… even though anyone with any knowledge of history, like he’s SUPPOSED TO BE, would know that such a bill would just erode our republic faster like the laws put in place by ‘that RINO Neo-Con George W’ that every self-professed Libertarian likes to bash, and enhanced by Obama.

Furthermore, Vox supports #NotYourShield for the whole gamergate thing, and that hashtag is pretty darned racist, and I mean LEGITIMATELY racist, and not in the faux-racism that Vox’s ‘Magic Negro’ statements about Obama and Ben Carson were.

He also thinks that the west started the current crises in the Middle-East, even though he admits that it was Muslim aggression that started started the crises on a more macrocosmic scale in the middle-ages, which strikes me as double-think despite any empty rhetoric of, ‘War is Peace,’ that might be hurled at me.
First, let me point out that my opinion of Mr. Wright as a science fiction writer may be high, but it is an informed and soundly grounded one. Second, I am not a "white supremacist", I am a civilizationist. Many people seem to forget that in addition to my BS in economics I also picked up a BA in East Asian Studies, studied in Japan, and in fact still speak some Japanese. I am a fan of higher civilization in its various forms, but the fact is that European civilization was, and is, the height of Man's accomplishment. The main reason I live in Europe and not Japan is the timing of the post-Heisei boom bust.

The reason I "have trouble separating the culture a people group has from the people group themselves" is because the two cannot be separated. They are not the same, but they are intertwined. Americans often find this difficult to understand because their culture is very young and shallow, and because they ceased to be a people, to the extent they ever were, over a century ago. Genetics affects culture, which in turn affects genetics, in an ongoing process that no one is even close to being able to successfully divide and analyze. One of the benefits of being multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and familiar with multiple cultures is the ability to see what aspects are easily transmitted and which are not. There are still aspects of Japanese culture, hell, there are still aspects of Italian culture which I do not grasp despite my intimate familiarity with them.

As for anyone still trying to defend the failed military interventions in Vietnam and Iraq, well, that speaks for itself. Whether one looks at them from a moral or a military perspective, they were catastrophes.

I do support Ted Cruz's plan to strip citizenship of ISIS members, just as I will support the eventual plans to strip citizenship from those who hold other citizenships. Such acts will not "destroy the Republic", to the contrary, they will make the possibility of an undivided nation possible. The Republic was destroyed when it became an occupying Empire established by force under Lincoln; the South was, and is, a conquered nation which is no more a voluntary part of the Union than the West Bank is a voluntary part of Israel.

#NotYourShield is not the least bit "racist", but is rather the refusal of Native Americans like me or other ethnic minorities, to permit SJW white people to speak for us using our name. We will speak for ourselves, they do not speak for us. The only thing that is racist is the SJW's attempts to silence us and turn us into ventriloquist puppets. I am astonished at Vunderguy's implicit assertion that white SJWs have any right to tell Native Americans what their permitted opinions are and at what they are to take offense or not.

There is no question that Western interference in the Middle East sparked this third great wave of Islamic expansion. Vunderguy earlier tried to question my knowledge of history, and yet here shows his own. There is absolutely no double-think here, merely observable cause and effect. Just as Islamic aggression sparked the Crusades, Western interference sparked the current global jihad. The expansionary jihadist spirit was always there, but it was quiescent until it was disturbed by the West.

People are often trying to get Larry and John to disown me in much the same way they have tried to get me to disown Roosh and Roissy. One might ask oneself the important question: why? It is, I think, a testimony to our collective effectiveness and impact we have on how people are thinking that so many attempts are repeatedly made to isolate and DISQUALIFY us.

But why do I so often, as another commenter observed, "get singled out"? I suspect that is because unlike Larry and to a lesser extent John, I annoy and embarrass the conventional Right almost as much as I infuriate the Left. I simply have no loyalty to any ideology except the truth as I perceive it to be and I don't respect the Right's pieties on race and other controversies any more than I respect the Left's. But you don't have to like the truth in order to accept it is legitimate when presented with correct logic and relevant science.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Obama Amnesty

The plan is not quite as disastrous as I was expecting. But it's bad, and you can be certain it is going to get even worse in the implementation:
The biggest change to the immigration system will be a new program that allows the parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents to apply for work permits and deferred deportation. An estimated 4 million parents will be eligible for the initiative. They are people who have been in the United States for at least five years and have no felony convictions but are currently in the country illegally.

The program is modeled on a similar initiative — known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA — that Obama launched in 2012 for immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children.

The administration is also expanding eligibility for the current deferred action program. Previously, those brought to the United States as children needed to have come to the United States before 2007, and to still be under 31 years of age, to apply for the new status. Now, any qualifying immigrant brought to the United States before 2010 as a child is eligible, opening the program up for at least a quarter-million more people....

The Obama administration is also finalizing new rules that would allow the spouses of H-1B visa recipients to receive visas without being counted against the overall cap for high-tech skilled workers. And the administration will begin developing a new program for foreign entrepreneurs, who currently face tough restrictions immigrating to the United States unless they have a guaranteed income.
This is going to put more negative pressure on wages, especially in technology, which shouldn't be surprising since that's precisely why Zuckerberg and company were pushing for it.


Overrated and underbrained

I always thought LeGuin was considerably overrated, but I didn't think she was actually stupid until now:
"We just saw a profiteer try to punish a publisher for disobedience, and writers threatened by corporate fatwa," LeGuin said. "And I see a lot of us, the producers, accepting this — letting commodity profiteers sell us like deodorant!"

She was referring to the recent dispute between Amazon and the publisher Hachette over e-book pricing. The power of capitalism can seem inescapable, LeGuin said, but resistance and change begin in art. And writers should demand their fair share of the proceeds from their work. "The name of our beautiful reward is not profit. Its name is freedom."
Really? I always thought profit was the central point. I stand corrected. Let there be freedom! And I have to say, the cognitive dissonance inherent in simultaneously a) defending a mainstream publisher and b) demanding a fair share of the proceeds is impressive.

Although if Amazon were to actually adopt a policy of putting out fatwas on SFWA members, I suspect that's something a lot of people could get behind.


Why Obama is pushing amnesty through

This not-entirely-coincidental article in the New York Times is so timely that one has to suspect it was published yesterday in order to try to mollify Democrats who are little more enthusiastic than Republicans about the prospect of Obama magically converting millions of illegal aliens into citizens with the same rights and privileges they possess through unConstitutional executive action.
This region has become so solidly Republican, particularly since President Obama was elected, that there isn’t much left there for the Democratic Party to defend or salvage. For instance, prior to the 2010 midterms there were 54 Blue Dog Democrats in Congress. In the outgoing Congress, there are only 19 left, including eight from the South.

And Republican gerrymandering has further weakened Democratic power, even when Democrats vote in high numbers. As Lee Fang wrote this month at Republic Report, “Republican gerrymandering means Democratic voters are packed tightly into single districts, while Republicans are spread out in such a way to translate into the most congressional seats for the G.O.P.”

After the midterms, The Associated Press provided this tally:

“In January, the G.O.P. will control every governor’s office, two U.S. Senate seats, nearly every majority-white congressional district and both state legislative chambers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.”

It is important and relevant that The Associated Press pointed out the racial dichotomy because, in the South, ideology and racial identity are nearly inseparable.
Obama and the Democratic Party leadership are desperate to boost the non-white portion of the population because they understand that what has happened in the South, where there is a White Party and an Anti-White Party, is going to gradually spread to the West, East, and Mid-West. That division will probably occur last in the Mid-West for the counterintuitive reason that there are more whites there, so they will be the last to abandon multicultural ideology for pure racial power politics.

But this amnesty is about nothing but trying to create more Anti-White voters. The problem the Anti-White party faces, of course, is that La Raza hates blacks far more than whites do and considerably more than they hate whites. And while La Raza is socialist and likes big government as well as the largesse it produces, they aren't particularly keen on most Democratic social causes. Still, what choice do the Democrats have? The only non-whites to whom they can turn are the very people who are in the process of ethnically cleansing southern California.

As I've previously noted, we will know that the transformation of America from a freedom-oriented white Christian European representative democracy to a conventional post-ideological ethnically divided state where rival groups scrabble for power is complete when SJWs like John Scalzi turn in their SJW cards and flee for the perceived safety of the White Party they have excoriated for years.

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Our first hardcover

A number of people have been asking when we're going to be offering print edition of our books, and believe it or not, we've actually been doing so for two months. However, there was a glitch at Amazon that prevented the cover image from being displayed on the listing, and we didn't want to send people there until the issue had been resolved. It was finally resolved yesterday, and so we're pleased to be able to say that the hardcover edition of AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND is now available from Amazon for the retail price of $24.99. It's discounted somewhat from that, of course, but I only see the converted US pricing, so I don't know exactly what price Amazon is offering it for in the USA. We switched from the red of the Kindle version to the blue of the Kindle novella cover because the author preferred it, and I have to say, I think it was the right choice. It is 342 pages and it will make a handsome addition to the library of any discerning reader.

Now that we've got the process worked out and LL is helping with the layouts, we will gradually be adding more print editions to our catalog. VICTORIA: A Novel of 4th Generation War will be next in trade paperback, since we have an obligation to publish it in that format, and after that, well, it would be helpful to hear suggestions from the people who are seriously interested in buying hardcovers. AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND comes with a dust jacket, but we're subsequently going to be switching to casebound since people expressed a fairly strong preference for that and the books will last longer.

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Survival greens

One of the Dread Ilk teaches post-crash gardening.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This one is tricky

It should be absolutely fascinating to hear how this latest banker "suicide" is explained away.
The dust has barely settled on the latest high profile banker suicide in which Deutsche Bank's associate general counsel, and former SEC regulator, Charlie Gambino was found dead, having hung himself by the neck from a stairway banister, and here comes the latest sad entrant in the dead chronicles of 2014 when earlier today, the Post reports, a Citigroup banker was found dead with his throat slashed in the bathtub "of his swanky downtown apartment, authorities said Wednesday."

Unlike previous "clearcut" suicides, this time there may have been foul play: the Post adds that "there was no knife recovered at the scene, leading officials to suspect the death was not a suicide, and they were trying to determine who had access to his apartment."
I like how the absence of a knife leads officials "to suspect the death was not a suicide". After all, perhaps his fingernails were excessively long and sharp? Or maybe his rubber ducky known to be unusually aggressive? Considering that they got the press to bite on the "suicide" of the banker who shot himself "seven or eight times" with a nailgun as well as that of the scientist who managed to stuff himself in a duffel bag, don't count them out here.


An endorsement from Mr. John C. Wright

A Vote for the International Lord of Hate is a Vote Against Lugubrious Puppies! Vote early, vote often, vote MONSTER HUNTER NEMESIS.


Another fuse uncovered now for me to light

SJWs on Twitter are just so easy. First, you toss the bait:

Vox Day ‏@voxday
It's amusing to see anti-GG trying to coopt our positions. #GamerGate is of and for gamers. No anti-GG is a core gamer. They put SJW first.

Thus prompting the expected protestations and posturing. Notice how SJWs tend to communicate indirectly in an archly sarcastic, incredulous tone, then rapidly start talking nominally amongst themselves for your benefit. This sort of one-way performance communication is the way they avoid ever actually addressing the point or being pinned down and forced to answer questions. Here is a brief, but representative selection.
TieTuesday ‏@TieTuesdaySA
*looks at over 500 hours of stream time playin games* god i fuckin hate videogames

penguin725SA ‏@penguin725
My steam library with 800 hours of gameplay is ALL IN PROTEST HOW DID HE KNOW DAMMIT OUR SECRET IS OUT

TieTuesday ‏@TieTuesdaySA
and the hundreds of hours into Halo 2/3/Reach in highschool? I've been plannin this ruse for ages

High school? Hell, I've been playing games since I was in kindergarten.

St. Nicolas Cage ‏@PeeinMcKellan
I must have put 300 hours into Civ 5 in the span of ten months because I hate it so much.

St. Nicolas Cage ‏@PeeinMcKellan
I skipped class for a week to build a Minecraft server because I want to destroy video games forever.
And once they've dutifully stepped in it, you pull the trigger:

Vox Day @voxday
Seeing anti-#GamerGate people babbling about how many games they played is like hearing Nazis talk about how much they like Jewish food.

It is science. Please to fucking love it. #DreadIlk


More SJW shenanigans

Never forget, their narrative is a lie and it is always safer to assume that they are, at the very least, shading the truth for narrative purposes than providing the straight and unvarnished facts in a contextually appropriate manner. Drunk Girl sets the record straight about the men supposedly trying to take advantage of her.


A refusal to learn

We have learned nothing from history and so we are bound to repeat it:
We’ve known for 5,000 years that mass spying on one’s own people is always aimed at grabbing power and crushing dissent, not protecting us from bad guys.

We’ve known for 4,000 years that debts need to be periodically written down, or the entire economy will collapse. And see this.

We’ve known for 2,500 years that prolonged war bankrupts an economy.

We’ve known for 2,000 years that wars are based on lies.

We’ve known for 1,900 years that runaway inequality destroys societies.

We’ve known for thousands of years that debasing currencies leads to economic collapse.

We’ve known for millennia that torture is a form of terrorism.

We’ve known for thousands of years that – when criminals are not punished – crime spreads.

We’ve known for hundreds of years that the failure to punish financial fraud destroys economies, as it destroys all trust in the financial system.

We’ve known for centuries that monopolies and the political influence which accompanies too much power in too few hands are dangerous for free markets.

We’ve known for hundreds of years that companies will try to pawn their debts off on governments, and that it is a huge mistake for governments to allow corporate debt to be backstopped by government.

We’ve known for centuries that powerful people – unless held to account – will get together and steal from everyone else.
It's not different this time. There will be ethnic cleansing and probably several incidents of mass slaughter, although whether it will be the immigrants or the native people on the short end is yet to be determined.

There will be series of economic crashes and the ongoing depression will deepen and widen, because the incipient credit busts in 1987 and 2001 and 2008 were all papered over with more central bank "money" created ex nihilo.

There will be wars, both due to the great clash of civilizations and pro-globalist elites clinging to government power in the face of furiously nationalistic people denied their will through the limitations and legalistic perversions of representative democracy.

These things are all inevitable. Not likely, inevitable. There is no force on Earth that can stop them, because in our arrogance and foolishness, we have again decided this time it's different. But it's not. It never is. And if you're still a Republican defending income inequality because communism or a Democrat defending big government because poor people or a Libertarian defending open borders and free trade because individual, your entire political perspective is outdated and irrelevant. That world doesn't exist anymore.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Debt hole is bigger than advertised

The state pensions are going to run out a lot faster than reported:
America's red ink runs much deeper than you think. Aside from the nearly $18 trillion national debt, many state governments are looking at future budgets that are trillions of dollars in the red. And they've hidden the numbers by dramatically under-reporting that debt, according to a new report by the think tank State Budget Solutions.

The group looked at what are known as "unfunded liabilities" -- or debt states will owe down the road. It found a number of states are fudging their numbers -- big-time -- using tricks like assuming their stock investments will soar.

The book-cooking could mean bad news for public pensions and other programs that rely on these budgets. The report finds that, nationwide, states have unfunded liabilities of nearly $5 trillion, or $15,000 per American.
It's impossible to say when governments are going to stop making interest payments or finally writing off debts. But the date will almost certainly be sooner than those who work off the official statistics estimate.

Of course, the Neo-Keynesians will probably use this as an explanation for why their stimulus plans keep falling. See, they totally would have worked if only they had known the actual size of the problem, but because they didn't have accurate information, the stimulus was too small to be effective.



Actually, forget firing him. Roger Goodell should be stripped naked, whipped with tree branches, and then locked in an elevator with Ray Rice and Bill Simmons until he resigns:
Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings was notified today that he has been suspended without pay for at least the remainder of the 2014 NFL season, and will not be considered for reinstatement before April 15, for violating the NFL Personal Conduct Policy in an incident of abusive discipline that he inflicted on his four-year-old son last May. Peterson pled no contest on November 4 in state court in Montgomery County, Texas to reckless assault of the child.
What an utter fucking joke. I hope the NFLPA declares a strike. As if Goodell gives a quantum of a damn about anything but how he thinks the league looks to women who don't watch football anyhow.

"The NFL Players Association released a statement shortly after the NFL announced Peterson’s suspension, and in it the union said the league lacks the credibility to appropriately handle player discipline. Smith said the players have lost confidence in Goodell."

So have the fans. The real fans of the game.


Don't count out New England

This is an interesting development in light of some skepticism being expressed yesterday concerning rural New England's revolutionary nature:
WESTMINSTER, Mass. — The fury — and make no mistake, it is white-hot fury — went way beyond the ordinary wrath of offended citizenry. A plan here to ban the sale of tobacco has ignited a call to arms.

The outrage is aimed at a proposal by the local Board of Health that could make Westminster the first town in the country where no one could buy cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco.

The uproar stems not from a desire by people here to smoke — only 17 percent do (a smidge higher than the statewide average). Many say they have never touched tobacco and find the habit disgusting. Rather, they perceive the ban as a frontal assault on their individual liberties. And they say it would cripple the eight retailers in town who sell tobacco products.

The ban is the major topic at Vincent’s Country Store, where a petition against it sits on the front counter and attracts more signatures every day; at last count, 1,200 people had signed, in a town of 7,400....

“They’re just taking away everyday freedoms, little by little,” said Nate Johnson, 32, an egg farmer who also works in an auto body shop, as he stood outside the store last week. “This isn’t about tobacco, it’s about control,” he said.

“It’s un-American,” put in Rick Sparrow, 48, a house painter.

As Wayne and Deborah Hancock grabbed a shopping cart, they joined in. All quickly agreed that the next freedoms at risk would be guns and religion.
Don't be too quick to count the Saxon out. There may be no shortage of Puritan busybodies and pagan Episcopalians, but it's not an accident that the Shot Heard Round the World was fired in New England. And don't forget, prior to the Civil War, it was the New England states that were threatening to secede from the Union.

Some thoughts on reading Israeli history

I've been reading an intriguing history, The Land of Blood and Honey by Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld, and a thought occurred to me. One thing that comes across very, very clearly throughout the book is that contra American and European assumptions, the Israelis are not a farsighted people. In fact, by European standards, they are unstable, prone to oscillating between overconfidence and despair, deeply paranoid, and arrogant. They are also brave, creative, hard-working, and intelligent, and their military strategists are competent, if not necessarily as brilliant as their public relations would have it.

(On that note, I was particularly amused to run across Israel's finest general, Moshe Dayan, making precisely the same observation I have made concerning the IDF's military accomplishments. As he observed in a manner obviously intended to deflate some of the more overly excitable cheerleaders after the Six-Day War, while the IDF was massively victorious, it was Arab divisions they defeated, not German ones.)

It's not just van Creveld's observations that led me to these conclusions either, as I read a piece about Israeli marketing that pointed in precisely the same direction. But it is also apparent that at the highest levels, the Israelis feel they cannot do anything without at least the tacit permission of the USA, and, to a lesser extent, the European nations. This is every bit as true today as it was when they were ordered back from the Suez Canal by President Eisenhower.

So here is the thought. Many Americans and Europeans have long regarded the Jewish support for flooding their nations with third worlders, particularly Africans and Arabs, to be fundamentally aimed at destroying the white nations. And there is some evidence for that on the basis of various statements that have been made by American Jews. But after reading more about Israel, I'm not so sure that is the true target. The Chinese are probably a more dangerous long-term competitor than the Europeans and there are no similar anti-Chinese campaigns on that front. Keep in mind that Israelis are not American Jews, in fact, they often appear to be mildly contemptuous of them, as they have been tested, and continue to be tested, in ways the American Jews have not. They tend to view American Jews in much the same way front-line troops regard support troops, as REMFs whose opinions are ignorant, misguided, and irrelevant.

And on that basis, my hypothesis is simultaneously less sinister and considerably more cynical. Ever since the first intifada, a majority of the Israeli people have wanted to push the Palestinians out of Gaza and the West Bank and claim the entirety of what they call "the Land". The religious hardliners have demanded that from the start, or at least since the 1967 war. However, Israelis know very well they can't seriously hope to do anything of the sort without at least tacit approval from the West.

So, what better way to get approval from the West for ethno-religious cleansing than for the West to be engaged in precisely the same activity on an even larger scale? Is it not possible that Israel (and therefore AIPAC, and therefore American Jewry) has been pushing for third world invasion of the West, particularly Muslim mass immigration, in order to spark the very reconquista that more and more Westerners are beginning to demand?

If this hypothesis is correct, then we should see American Jewry gradually shifting from a pro-immigration position to a pro-deportation one. I am not, of course, saying this is correct, nor am I privy to any information on the matter one way or the other. It's just a thought. But the more I learn about the Middle East, the more it seems to me that if Israel is ever going to successfully claim and colonize the entire Land, it is going to have to do so under the political cover of a second Western reconquista.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

More strength through diversity

It's good to know that the diverse people of Missouri can resolve their differences through peaceful, rational dialogue:
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon signed an executive order activating the Missouri National Guard on Monday afternoon.

According to a new release, the role of the National Guard is to “…support law enforcement during any period of unrest that might occur following the grand jury’s decision concerning the investigation into the death of Michael Brown.”

“As part of our ongoing efforts to plan and be prepared for any contingency, it is necessary to have these resources in place in advance of any announcement of the grand jury’s decision,” Gov. Nixon said.
You can't really blame them for preparing for the expected unrest. But how can you look at this sort of thing still taking place 50 years after the civil rights movement and still think that any sort of integration is possible?

From the long term perspective, it looks a lot like trying to cure old age with band-aids.


Victoria: A Novel of 4th Generation War

We are pleased to be officially releasing two new Castalia House books today. The first is the novel Victoria, which is, as the subtitle suggests, "A Novel of 4th Generation War". It is very different than our other novels, in fact, its publication might even be considered a little ironic, in light of Scooter's recent blog post on Pink SF Propaganda vs Blue SF Storytelling. This is because Victoria can quite reasonably be described as the very sort of propaganda we detest in modern SF/F, except it happens to be against politically correctness rather than supportive of it. As one proofreader rather amusingly commented, "That was certainly an interesting work.  On a superficial level, I'll say it's the most politically incorrect thing I've ever read in my life.  I thought of myself as politically incorrect, and even I blanched at a lot of it."

I have to admit, there were moments when I found myself thinking: "he can't possibly be going... well, I guess he is." The difference is that Victoria is an openly and avowedly political novel, unlike Pink SF, which is politically correct propaganda marketed deceptively as science fiction and fantasy. And the secondary difference is that Victoria is more than mere traditionalist propaganda. It is also, much like Atlas Shrugged and 1984, a didactic novel. It amounts to a dramatic instruction course on how the principles of 4GW are utilized, set in a near-future fictional version of America that is unfortunately not nearly as far away from reality as one might wish. If I were to describe Victoria in a single sentence, it is as the Christian lovechild of Ayn Rand and Tom Clancy.

The same proofreader later noted, "Less than 24 hours after finishing Victoria and thinking, "Man, this isn't very realistic," I woke up to see that an entity named The Islamic State is moving to establish a gold-backed currency. In the same week the West landed a spacecraft on a comet for the first time in human history, but the big story today is that one of the scientists wore a shirt with girls on it and was forced to make a tearful apology to the entire world. This latter event goes far beyond anything in the book."

Perhaps we're the ones living in someone else's parody. Anyhow, those who have been reading Victoria in serial at Traditional Right should be informed that the published version includes the final one-third of the book that will not be posted online. Victoria is available for $9.99 in EPUB and Kindle format from the Castalia House store and in Kindle format from Amazon.

On a thematically related note, after receiving several requests we have made the transcription of the lecture at Quantico by William S. Lind that first introduced the concept of 4th Generation War to the U.S. military available as a separate ebook in addition to the previously announced bundle with the recording of the lecture itself. The ebook/audiobook combination is still available in both EPUB and Kindle formats for $3.99 from the Castalia House store, while the ebook alone is $2.99 in Kindle format from Amazon. The lecture is only 51 minutes, so the ebook is only 24 pages, but it packs a remarkable amount of information in it and will be of considerable information to anyone who wishes to better understand 4GW in either its military or strategic applications.

And thanks very much to all the New Release subscribers who have already purchased Victoria. We hope you will enjoy it, but more importantly, we hope you will learn something from it.

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Keynesian shock tactics still don't work

Abenomics has, as predicted, conclusively failed:
Japan’s economy unexpectedly fell into recession in the third quarter, a painful slump that called into question efforts by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to pull the country out of nearly two decades of deflation.

The second consecutive quarterly decline in gross domestic product could upend Japan’s political landscape. Mr. Abe is considering dissolving Parliament and calling fresh elections, people close to him say, and Monday’s economic report is seen as critical to his decision, which is widely expected to come this week.

Rising sales taxes have been blamed for triggering the downturn by deterring consumer spending, and with Japan having now slipped into a technical recession, the chances that Mr. Abe will seek a new mandate from voters to alter the government’s tax program appear to have increased significantly.

The preliminary economic report, issued by the Cabinet Office, showed that gross domestic product fell at an annualized pace of 1.6 percent in the quarter through September. That added to the previous quarter’s much larger decline, which the government now puts at 7.3 percent, a slightly worse figure than in its last estimate of 7.1 percent.

The surprise recession underscores the difficulties faced by Mr. Abe, who won power two years ago on a pledge to reinvigorate the economy and end his country’s long streak of wage and consumer-price declines. His agenda, dubbed Abenomics, has focused largely on stimulus measures, in particular an expanded program of government bond purchases by the central bank.
When the Obama stimulus plan failed, Neo-Keynesians like Paul Krugman claimed it was because the stimulus wasn't big enough even though it was BIGGER than Neo-Keynesians like Paul Krugman had claimed was necessary to jump-start the economy.

Then Japanese Prime Minister Abe launched the Abenomics program, which consisted of  "monetary policy, fiscal policy, and economic growth strategies to encourage private investment. Specific policies include inflation targeting at a 2% annual rate, correction of the excessive yen appreciation, setting negative interest rates, radical quantitative easing, expansion of public investment, buying operations of construction bonds by Bank of Japan (BOJ), and revision of the Bank of Japan Act."

The total fiscal stimulus was ¥20.2 trillion, and yet even in combination with all the aggressively easy monetary policy pursued by the Bank of Japan, it hasn't been able to grow the economy at all. The plain and simple economic fact is this: you cannot print or borrow your way out of an economic depression that is a consequence of excessive debt. No matter how many Nobel-prize winners assure you that you can.


In defense of scientists

The Mayor of London speaks out in favor of science nerd fashion:
I watched that clip of Dr Taylor’s apology – at the moment of his supreme professional triumph – and I felt the red mist come down. It was like something from the show trials of Stalin, or from the sobbing testimony of the enemies of Kim Il-sung, before they were taken away and shot. It was like a scene from Mao’s cultural revolution when weeping intellectuals were forced to confess their crimes against the people.

Why was he forced into this humiliation? Because he was subjected to an unrelenting tweetstorm of abuse. He was bombarded across the internet with a hurtling dustcloud of hate, orchestrated by lobby groups and politically correct media organisations.

And so I want, naturally, to defend this blameless man. And as for all those who have monstered him and convicted him in the kangaroo court of the web – they should all be ashamed of themselves.

Yes, I suppose some might say that his Hawaii shirt was a bit garish, a bit of an eyeful. But the man is not a priest, for heaven’s sake. He is a space scientist with a fine collection of tattoos, and if you are an extrovert space scientist, that is the kind of shirt that you are allowed to wear.
As for myself, I'm not a fan of either the tattoos or the garish shirt. Dr. Taylor's tears certainly revealed that tattoo sleeves don't indicate any degree of toughness; he would have done far better to give that second interview in a Grand Theft Auto shirt and flipped a symbolic bird to his idiot critics.

But #ShirtStorm was a useful reminder of what we've learned from #GamerGate. One cannot compromise with pinkshirts because they don't believe in compromise. They believe in taking eternal offense and staying on the permanent offensive. They are like sharks; if they are not complaining and attacking, they lose their assumed power.

I know I've said this several times over the last few days, but I cannot repeat it enough. NEVER APOLOGIZE. SJWs regard apologies as weakness, as leverage, and as a ritual preface to complete submission. I can assure you from personal experience, all their hatred is nothing more than sound and fury signifying absolutely nothing. The only response to their attacks and their attempts to create false equivalences and assign false meanings should be to pour unrestrained scorn on their heads.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fifth Frontier War turn 1

Fifth Frontier War prelude

The expected Zhodani invasion has begun. As I suspected he would, their High Admiral has gone with a fairly conservative, broad front envelopment that is aimed more at methodically taking control of planets than hunting down and destroying the Imperial fleets or targeting a few specific Schwerpunkts.

Of the five distinct incursions, the most dangerous fleet is the Zhodani 1st Assault Fleet, as it not only packs enough punch to have destroyed one of my colonial cruisers and driven off the 120 system defense boats guarding one of my subsector capitals at Jewell, but also contains transports that landed two field armies bolstered by several armored divisions to secure the planet. About my only accomplishment was bloodying the 1st Assault's nose a little while extricating my colonial battleship. My hope is to use it to either wreak a little havoc behind his lines or possibly distract one of his fleets. It's not likely, given the requirement to plot up to five turns in advance, but perhaps I can force him to tie up the 65th Fleet in pursuit of it.

Fortunately, the extra reinforcements I provided the large Jewell militia prevented the Zhodani from claiming the planet in the first turn, so hopefully that will disrupt their schedule. The planetary militia has taken 70 percent casualties and the Imperial army corps stationed there was destroyed, but with the help of the elite Marines and some mercenaries,they managed to nearly eliminate two Zhodani divisions, including one of the armored ones.

In the north, the Vargr are unopposed and have already bypassed Dentus in order to land troops and take Kinorb. Three fleets have entered the demilitarized zone, but they haven't done more than take out a scoutship or two. And in the south, the two Sword Worlds fleets blundered by launching without waiting for their troops, which means that even though I've only got the minor 213th Fleet to deal with both them and the Zhodani 67th Fleet. That means the Zhodani have only taken two planets when they probably expected to claim four or five in the first turn.

Now I can begin my own plotting; I've got my best admiral on Regina along with my main battle fleet, the 214th. However, I dare not risk them against the 1st Assault Fleet, which I now know has more than twice their firepower. The question is whether I use them to hold Regina after Jewell falls, if I throw them forward to slow down the Zhodani assault, or if I fall back and use them to pick off the weaker Vargr fleets while I wait for my reinforcements.

This is a long game and will last at least 26 turns, with 50 being more likely. So, I've decided the key at this point is to preserve my forces until my reinforcement fleets begin arriving from the galactic core. So, my inclination will probably be to destroy the Vargr and reclaim Kinorb, leaving it up to the various planetary defenses and the land forces to slow the advance they cannot possibly stop.


VPFL Week 10

102 Greenfield Grizzlies (8-2-0)
86 Mounds View Meerkats (5-5-0)

93 Bane Cornshuckers (6-4-0)
49 King (5-5-0)

81 RR Redbeards (6-4-0)
79 Favre Dollar Footlongs (5-5-0)

81 Gilbert Gamma Rays (6-4-0)
54 Boot Hill Bogs (2-7-1)

79 Texas Chili Eaters (5-4-1)
64 Clerical Errs (1-9-0)

Bloody Grizzlies.... It's good to see that it looks like the Vikings should be getting AD back soon. I have slightly mixed feelings about this week's game, however. A friend of mine is tight with the Bears' head coach, and I have the sense that a blowout Vikings would likely seal Trestman's fate immediately. But honestly, if he can't stop the Bears' historic defensive meltdown against a rookie quarterback leading a division rival missing its star player at home, then he probably should lose his job before the end of the season.

One of the fascinating things about seeing the Bears implode is that I know for a fact that Marc Trestman is a very smart guy. He's probably one of the smarter coaches in the league. So the whole thing has provided an object lesson in demonstrating the fact that sheer intelligence, even when combined with hard work, is not necessarily synonymous with success.

UPDATE: Sweet fake punt by the Vikes leads to a touchdown. And to think Sparklepunter tried to get Mike Priefer fired! Lesson: never listen to an idiot punter.


Aristocratic tiger-riders

In the introduction to the third edition of FA von Hayek's A Tiger by the Tail, Austrian economist Joseph Salerno observes:
Inflating aggregate money expenditure leads to a short-run increase in employment that causes an inappropriate distribution of resources whose inevitable correction ensures another depression. Such a correction can be postponed, but never obviated, only by repeatedly neutralizing relative price changes through accelerating inflation.

Those who deny Hayek’s analysis—as all contemporary mainstream macroeconomists and policymakers do—and promote ever-increasing spending as the panacea for our present crisis live in the simplistic Keynesian fantasy land from which scarcity of real resources has been banished and in which the scarcity of money and credit is the only constraint on economic activity. As Hayek pointed out, such people do not merit the name “economist”:

"I cannot help regarding the increasing concentration on short-run effects—which in this context amounts to the same thing as a concentration on purely monetary factors—not only as a serious and dangerous intellectual error, but as a betrayal of the main duty of the economist and a grave menace to our civilization."
Of course, as we were reminded in 2008, and again in 2014, not only does the postponed correction always eventually arrive, but the nominally palliative measures become increasingly ineffective. The Left is not entirely wrong to focus on the evils of income and financial inequality, because today they are not the result of capitalism and free enterprise, but the neo-feudal largesse distributed by the federal government to the financial aristocracy through the central bank.

I had always wonder why the Ciceronian cycle predicted the rise of aristocracy rather than the conventional expectations of post-democratic dictatorship. But in light of the post-2008 crisis events, it makes a good deal more sense.

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Banning "feminist"

Men loathe them. Women are embarrassed by them. Civilized people despise them so much that TIME Magazine had to withdraw "feminist" from its "words to ban in 2015 poll" because so many people were voting for it and that made the feminists at the magazine experience the dread feelbad.
TIME apologizes for the execution of this poll; the word ‘feminist’ should not have been included in a list of words to ban. While we meant to invite debate about some ways the word was used this year, that nuance was lost, and we regret that its inclusion has become a distraction from the important debate over equality and justice.
In other words, "the important debate over equality and justice" should not involve any actual criticism of the beliefs of one side. Forget banning the word "feminist", what would be better is to ban all feminists from the Western Civilization they are trying to destroy.

Feminism is the one ideology that makes National Socialism look merciful and Communism look viable by comparison. Regard its adherents accordingly.

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